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Sparkle Tees almost killed me🥰

So rough week, nice summer colds, tooth poking thru and trying to do stone tees one stone at a time, Bri could not look at me when I put the wrong name on a T-shirt we both worked on for hours and at the end of the week the baby literally broke out in a rash in 4 minutes🤗the good news is we are catching our groove and our T-shirt’s are flying all over the country, that feels really good, so anyhow we had a shout from Vegas and the tee fit this women so good, I was like damn, she loved the tee and we nailed miconnabis tshirts, we threw a bit of gold and black on the backs, splashy🥰thanks for your orders! im heading for a bubble bath and then I am putting in my sparkle tee(rose gold Swarovski stones) then heading to bed with my kleenex❤️staythankful! See our #whisperteeparty of the week below!

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