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Parenthood on Netflix 5stars

Netflix series Parenthood is so educational on a #life level, Actor Craig Nelson plays the Patriarch of the family it’s basically a family soap opera of kinda normal ups and downs, many experiences my family has faced over the years, from family disagreements, births, illness, teenage pregnant ..all of it, the highs and lows, and ups and downs, it’s a life I love and I am grateful for. . . but we know life is crazy! So anyhow the actors are all amazing, it’s a beautiful background in Berkeley California, centered around the little cool music scenes, I have actually benefited from watching someone else’s issues be handled! it’s cute and entertaining. Almost half the story line is dedicated to AUTISM, two of the actors Max Burkholder and Ray Romano, have aspergers. They nail it and the family around them is relatable to living with autism in every interaction. It’s a front row seat to view that beautiful autistic world. I knew nothing about autism and now I know what living with autism looks like, applause @parenthood #greatactors #actors #autism #craigtnelson #asperers #relateable brother reminds me of Crosby #dexshepard his quirky way, and my Sister #julia being the one getting #life done, not sure where I fit, Im still in season 6, maybe?! Not sure, I love learning and so this has become some weird lullaby at night for me and it’s a valuable lessons in this crazy beautiful life. The song is kick ass also “I can’t believe your mine...” my family❤️

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