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Free Tee Friyay!

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

There is just something about Fridays that excites me! Today I’m excited about the warm weather! I’m also excited about the orders rolling in for tees! I was getting shirts done last night and I noticed, my tees are better, my tees look hot, my tees are boutique! They are shipped from NH and made here in the midst of babies, dogs, and the constant swinging door, the last thing we do before we press is check the tee, one dot can ruin it...that this the dif between China or mass pressing, they are not the same, we will never print out 100 tees in a hour, we don’t want to, our goal is to have our customers put on the tee, love it, feel good in it, and wait by the washer to wear it again! Thank you for your support! Our custom tee is made to impress you🥰

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