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Baileys&Coffee and a light up rudolph nose🤗

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

So yesterday my dog ate a few presents, our dinner & My Perfectly Decorated Christmas TREATS! I tracked down one missing present and did a walmart trip- and now I have no Christmas Treats....When my husband got home, I felt stressed UGH I didn’t get much done today, and we are now going out for dinner (bec the dog ate ours). He is cute and into the holiday spirit but honestly-I was annoyed (i am still worried it won’t get pulled together, no time for holiday spirit YET, as i tally up gifts in my head, Is it enough?! Am I enough?) After a glass of wine- I came to the conclusion it’s the spirit of magic that most mom’s are hustling for, and that spirit is a lot of work too! The jovial mood, yummy treats, the smell of pine, the perfectly wrapped presents, the delicious food, christmas music, the celebration of family & friends, funny hat for the dog, the antler headbands, the light up rudolph nose, and of course christmas favorite movies are ready to roll and the enormous roast defrosting...and the love of a mother no matter how old your kids are-it’s Christmas. Every year i say, next year-i’m going to be more organized and every year i’m the same hot mess a few days before, today my list is long - i think the only thing I desperately need is a mattress to be delivered. I’m going bang it out, the biggest gift i’m going to give, is i’m going chill out- i’m going to not fret, i’m going to enjoy the spirit that i work so hard to instill into the people around me and i’m def putting baileys in my coffee, cheers to my 32 years of being part of the mom christmas club!

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